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Exam waiting 

​His heart is pounding, leg are shaking

As he walks into the room that his facing, you can see in his eyes, the doubt unmistaken. 

With enough  will power, he brought himself to his desk. 

Looking around the room, it seemed gloomy, 

It looked like everyone else felt the pressure. At least he wasn’t  alone, in this battle of  pens and papers. 

Waiting for the event of the day to begin, his mind wonders, to a world where there is nothing  but leisure, 

Not something  he was expecting, but its not something that he would be regretting, 

Cause in such a time of nervousness, the smallest things can give you pleasure. 

As the papers were being distributed, he kept staring at his fellow classmates to find any little information about them. 

The effort proved ney. 

He resorted to wait, heard pages flip, pens tap the desk. 

They appeared to be getting louder by the minute 

They all seemed busy, that meant  that they understood the questions, 

What if he didn’t? What if all the studying he did was all for nothing?

It was just a matter of time before he got fed up, but the paper finally came. 

Wide eyed as he started to read the  question, 

But that’s a story for another day.



​It seems to be dark and crummy 

This is the time when you miss those  days that are bright  and sunny, 

The earth shakes, i guess its time already. 

Those eyes dark, with intent to kill, I see in his eyes, there is a void yet to fill. 

This world is  so cold, robs the young the warmth of normalcy. 

His breath shortens as his veins bulge.

As he stares at the person who brought  so much pain,

And he says “you’re not  strong enough, you don’t have enough hate to fight me kid” a smirk on his face, his eyes excited with malice.

But the guy, ( Travis ) decided he won’t have this. 

Today he’s gonna end this , even if he meets his end. 

Hmmm how sad a life has been led by such dark a cloud. 

His nervous, but that will pass, 

Attack! Furious with a full throttle. 

Assailant dodges, he tries to be faster

But the assailant ends up in laughter.

After all, the attacks are reckless, there is no point  when you are angry, for your judgement is clouded. 

What was he fighting for, revenge, honor? Or an excuse to defend his choices in life that has been miserable  for the revenge?

Is it really  worth it? 

Hmmm i guess it really  doesn’t matter. For the assailant  shall die on that day. 

Minutes turning  to hours until  the final  blow. It ends

But not without a price. 

He took a life, can he justify that?

Huh! Revenge surely is a terrifying thing. 

No role models 

​No role models and am here  right now, 

No role models to speak of. 

Aye… Life’s a bitch but she the baddest bitch. 

But without her we ain’t  got  no better us. She is a lesson that we can’t  live without. 

So even if you  call 911 and run,  you’d be ashamed about it. 

Now remember, back to a better you, before you were a great family, before you  had the courage to protect all of that imagination…

Who had your back when you were but a fledgling? 

This I wrote inspired by J. Cole… No role models…

Maybe life is the role model? 

​Role the dice

You see, everyday in life there is a choice. 
Or you’ll find yourself in situations  with no rejoice. 

The power of such an action is so important it affects the very essence of survival. 

I say role the dice not roll the dice. 

This is a game  that everything is on thin ice

Everyone is gunning for the ultimate goal.

Even if you have the strategy for an event doesn’t  mean you’ll get all. 

Rolling the dice, the probability is one of six. 

One may find himself folding at a game even though he was the fans’ favorite. 

Say, the story of Perseus and the kraken. The probability of a tiny person to a crazed creature fame by both gods and man was not looking bright. 

But with a severed head of Medusa, he was victorious. 

But then a man notorious, 

Robin Hood his name. 

A thief  he was and the law’s enemy.  But he rolled right and struck the gold mine, the hearts of the nation people 

Became hero of the country. 

In the life we exist, the world is  not a shade of black and white, its multicolored. 

To conquer it man has to learn  the fifty shades of everything  lest risking to discard a chance as a misfortune. 

Is it karma, fate  or just ignorance?

Role the dice, see what happens. 

Can you change the clock? 

​You can change  the clocks but you can’t change the hours 

With  every tik tok a part of you loses itself in a world of despair. 

Find yourself observing that kid on the street begging for chums when everyone passes him pretending  they have no change to spare

It seems  to me that life is becoming hard so it turns sour. 

And am no different from them so close to being called a hypocrite,

I too have turned  face fro the child at the needed hour. 

Yet the kid still fights to find another hope, another way through 

For time is life and life is time, to waste it is to accept despair and death. 

You can change  the clocks but you can’t change the hours 

With  every tik tok a part of you loses itself in a world of despair. 

In a never ending  labyrinth of trial, put in a maze that is ment to keep you inside, every corner is a potential for a life ending event.

But the child on the streets  walks in for the time of choices is but a dream. 

Hunger, cold, water, sickness… Among other trying days in the never ending tag of war with no chance in hell of winning he still walks through

And then…. 

There is no happy ending for him, 

Is there? 


​Brave, I  try to brave it through  the  night, 

The grip of cold that gets to you through your spine. 

The shiver so much am afraid that he could hear my bone rattle. 

Its not like I  didn’t know this day was coming. 
I mean, all the signs have been showing. 

Being philosophical, reminiscing, a tall tale of a man’s past. 

Don’t necessarily mean that t’was all bad and fast. 

Brave, from the shadow, into the moon lit street, he stands tall and sure. 

My doppelganger faces me. Ney,  the inner  me stands be for me, 

Like a bad case of unmedicated asthma, I dread this day. 

A smirk on his face, thinking he got me cornered, 

Jealous, is what i feel when I look at him, but i am him and he is me. 

A battle of souls and mental prowess. 

Brave, this battle is won as i come to a realization.

A grin forms on me as i look at him and he seems to understand that the battle is decided 

He is what i strive to be. 

Brave, a me without fear, a me with surety. 

Another day to save a life. 

​Tik, tik, tik,  tik….  Tik tik, 

Stop. Breath. 

Bang! Door flies open. 

The light is fading. Too fast, 

Move, move damn it! 

He is bleeding, I watch as his light flicker. 

Blood on the floor, this is bad

He’s not gonna die on me this lad. 

Noise..  Block it away, I need to  concentrate. 

Damn he is coding, ” I  need  a crash cart stat” I hear myself  shout. 

Good am in autopilot, this guy’s light won’t go out. 

Shock him…  Still  coding, again…  Again, again… 

Response!…  Oh so close, 

Now for the hard part, here goes 

Search, for  the problem…  Messy

Ah!  Found it. Now close… 

He’s good to go…  Outside  the O.R

They wait. 

Eyes wet expecting the best of a bad situation. 

Hope gone yet still grasping at straws. 

Who can blame them. Life is playing a bad joke

“hey…  Your kid is fine, he is a tough one”

Relief, not tears of joy. Not yet.. Not yet…  That is what I see in their eyes 

A good day though … 

Tomorrow another day to save lives. 

Tok tok tok… 

Stop breath. 

Holding  someone’s life in your hand, its a different kind of danger.