Another day to save a life. 

​Tik, tik, tik,  tik….  Tik tik, 

Stop. Breath. 

Bang! Door flies open. 

The light is fading. Too fast, 

Move, move damn it! 

He is bleeding, I watch as his light flicker. 

Blood on the floor, this is bad

He’s not gonna die on me this lad. 

Noise..  Block it away, I need to  concentrate. 

Damn he is coding, ” I  need  a crash cart stat” I hear myself  shout. 

Good am in autopilot, this guy’s light won’t go out. 

Shock him…  Still  coding, again…  Again, again… 

Response!…  Oh so close, 

Now for the hard part, here goes 

Search, for  the problem…  Messy

Ah!  Found it. Now close… 

He’s good to go…  Outside  the O.R

They wait. 

Eyes wet expecting the best of a bad situation. 

Hope gone yet still grasping at straws. 

Who can blame them. Life is playing a bad joke

“hey…  Your kid is fine, he is a tough one”

Relief, not tears of joy. Not yet.. Not yet…  That is what I see in their eyes 

A good day though … 

Tomorrow another day to save lives. 

Tok tok tok… 

Stop breath. 

Holding  someone’s life in your hand, its a different kind of danger. 


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