​Brave, I  try to brave it through  the  night, 

The grip of cold that gets to you through your spine. 

The shiver so much am afraid that he could hear my bone rattle. 

Its not like I  didn’t know this day was coming. 
I mean, all the signs have been showing. 

Being philosophical, reminiscing, a tall tale of a man’s past. 

Don’t necessarily mean that t’was all bad and fast. 

Brave, from the shadow, into the moon lit street, he stands tall and sure. 

My doppelganger faces me. Ney,  the inner  me stands be for me, 

Like a bad case of unmedicated asthma, I dread this day. 

A smirk on his face, thinking he got me cornered, 

Jealous, is what i feel when I look at him, but i am him and he is me. 

A battle of souls and mental prowess. 

Brave, this battle is won as i come to a realization.

A grin forms on me as i look at him and he seems to understand that the battle is decided 

He is what i strive to be. 

Brave, a me without fear, a me with surety. 


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