​Role the dice

You see, everyday in life there is a choice. 
Or you’ll find yourself in situations  with no rejoice. 

The power of such an action is so important it affects the very essence of survival. 

I say role the dice not roll the dice. 

This is a game  that everything is on thin ice

Everyone is gunning for the ultimate goal.

Even if you have the strategy for an event doesn’t  mean you’ll get all. 

Rolling the dice, the probability is one of six. 

One may find himself folding at a game even though he was the fans’ favorite. 

Say, the story of Perseus and the kraken. The probability of a tiny person to a crazed creature fame by both gods and man was not looking bright. 

But with a severed head of Medusa, he was victorious. 

But then a man notorious, 

Robin Hood his name. 

A thief  he was and the law’s enemy.  But he rolled right and struck the gold mine, the hearts of the nation people 

Became hero of the country. 

In the life we exist, the world is  not a shade of black and white, its multicolored. 

To conquer it man has to learn  the fifty shades of everything  lest risking to discard a chance as a misfortune. 

Is it karma, fate  or just ignorance?

Role the dice, see what happens. 


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