​It seems to be dark and crummy 

This is the time when you miss those  days that are bright  and sunny, 

The earth shakes, i guess its time already. 

Those eyes dark, with intent to kill, I see in his eyes, there is a void yet to fill. 

This world is  so cold, robs the young the warmth of normalcy. 

His breath shortens as his veins bulge.

As he stares at the person who brought  so much pain,

And he says “you’re not  strong enough, you don’t have enough hate to fight me kid” a smirk on his face, his eyes excited with malice.

But the guy, ( Travis ) decided he won’t have this. 

Today he’s gonna end this , even if he meets his end. 

Hmmm how sad a life has been led by such dark a cloud. 

His nervous, but that will pass, 

Attack! Furious with a full throttle. 

Assailant dodges, he tries to be faster

But the assailant ends up in laughter.

After all, the attacks are reckless, there is no point  when you are angry, for your judgement is clouded. 

What was he fighting for, revenge, honor? Or an excuse to defend his choices in life that has been miserable  for the revenge?

Is it really  worth it? 

Hmmm i guess it really  doesn’t matter. For the assailant  shall die on that day. 

Minutes turning  to hours until  the final  blow. It ends

But not without a price. 

He took a life, can he justify that?

Huh! Revenge surely is a terrifying thing. 


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