Exam waiting 

​His heart is pounding, leg are shaking

As he walks into the room that his facing, you can see in his eyes, the doubt unmistaken. 

With enough  will power, he brought himself to his desk. 

Looking around the room, it seemed gloomy, 

It looked like everyone else felt the pressure. At least he wasn’t  alone, in this battle of  pens and papers. 

Waiting for the event of the day to begin, his mind wonders, to a world where there is nothing  but leisure, 

Not something  he was expecting, but its not something that he would be regretting, 

Cause in such a time of nervousness, the smallest things can give you pleasure. 

As the papers were being distributed, he kept staring at his fellow classmates to find any little information about them. 

The effort proved ney. 

He resorted to wait, heard pages flip, pens tap the desk. 

They appeared to be getting louder by the minute 

They all seemed busy, that meant  that they understood the questions, 

What if he didn’t? What if all the studying he did was all for nothing?

It was just a matter of time before he got fed up, but the paper finally came. 

Wide eyed as he started to read the  question, 

But that’s a story for another day.


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